Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was lucky enough to have had three sit down conversations with THE Dave King about my role at Crossfit Central three years ago. I had ideas of what I wanted to do. But until I met with Dave I could not articulate what my goals were. He pushed me to say out loud what I wanted, and then pushed me to follow through and do it. Without Dave King, I would not have Lean Lifting for the past three years. 

When Lean Lifting first started it was more to work on strength and skill to better your WOD's in the Crossfit class. It has since evolved into its own program of strongman, underground strength, and basically moving heavy shit as fast as possible. The women in the program have grown leaps and bounds in the way they think of their bodies, the way they look into the mirror, and how strong they are. I could not be more proud of these ladies! 

The word "LEAN" started to backfire/haunt me about two years ago. I started getting facebook messages about coming into lift light weights for tons of reps to "lean out" and build "long, lean muscle." It took about fifteen more messages and face to face incidents to realize the word "Lean" had outstayed its welcome. I did not start the class to focus on just the way you look, the word had to go! 

The program is now "LIFT" for women. Its an overstatement and an understatement at the same time. I love the simplicity and the power of it.  Being "Lean" is a by product of lifting heavy and eating healthy, not the focus of the class. Being strong for everyday life mentally and physically is the reason why women come, and have stayed in my program for years. 

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