Monday, August 26, 2013

3M Half Training for Strong Chicks

Starting in September I will be running a women's only 3M Half marathon training program. The goal of this training program is to show that you do NOT have to be a "runner" to complete a half marathon.  Nor do you have to do any LSD ( that's long slooooowww distance in runner talk ). I want this to be for cross fitters who want to add two days of  a longer interval/tempo/paced run with my group, and sprints to their regimen. The sprints will be on your own homework style, and take under 30 minutes to complete. This training will not disturb your regular classes that you attend, nor should you change your present schedule. 

Just a couple of weeks ago I took a group of women to run the Sea Wheeze half marathon from my LIFT class. These ladies added one day on the weekends to run long, and some added another day of sprinting. They also kept up their strength training and Crossfit training schedule. Everyone crossed the finished line without walking and in under 2:25. There was no strength loss or hours on the pavement. The longest run anyone did was 10 miles...once. 

Runners are notorious for over training. I know because I was one! They are out there pounding the pavement on a daily basis and eventually hurting themselves. You need strong quads, a strong ass, working hamstrings and a strong core/back to be able to complete any race and feel GOOD. That's what lifting and Crossfit does for you. You will be able to complete a race injury free and feel good enough to function afterwards. Most importantly you will maintain your muscle mass and overall strength. 

If you have never run a half, or are interested in doing another as a STRONGER runner join in on our group! If you are interested but do not Crossfit or lift at all, you will be required to do small group PT or join up in a Crossfit class. The goal is to be strong, not just run! 

Day one starts September 14th at 7am! Email me at prices and any questions that you have. Race day is January 19th. 

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