Monday, August 26, 2013

September focus: deadlift

This month in LIFT we are going to focus on the dead lift. In my opinion its one of the top three most functional movements in the gym. Humans bend down and pick something up hundreds of times a day. Have you ever heard "I threw my back out" from someone? No, no they didn't. They either have something terribly wrong with their body, or they are very weak and you should take them to class with you immediately after they recover to get strong.

There are several types of deadlift: sumo, trap bar, traditional. We are focusing on the straight bar clean style deadlift this month.  I had all the girls test their one rep max's this past week. For the next month we every thursday we will be hitting a 10 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) mixed up with various pushes: push up, hand stand push-up, dumbbell press, ring push up.  As a coach the EMOM allows time for me to come around and be very picky about form. A good set up, pull, and finish will be required on each lift. At the end we will re test that max and see if the focus on the form did any good for the numbers!

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