Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vancouver Success!

Last weekend a group of LIFT ladies accompanied me to Vancouver to run the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon. We came up with this idea earlier in the year to have a girls weekend, and to throw in a challenge that we are all up for. I'm an endurance runner at heart....but I have attempted to bury that deep down. Training again for it was a lot harder than I expected.

Endurance running takes your life! I now realize how many people I must have annoyed on vacations because I was checking routes, finding breakfast super early, coming in sweaty, and always working my day around "my run." which could go from 45 minutes to 2 hours!  I was hesitant about the whole idea until I went on the first seven miler...I missed it! Post-run coffee on a saturday morning....forgot how good that tasted! I threw in a couple of longer ones...2 7's, 1 10, and one 9. Then it was time for the race.

Throughout the summer the group stuck with their regular Lift class and crossfit/bootcamp schedule. What we added was a long run on Saturday mornings. Nobody cut out squatting, dead lifting, or going heavy on anything. We were not sacrificing our strength to be able to run longer. That is not what this was about. This race was about being super fit women that LIFT and that can go out on a weekend and bust out 13 miles NBD. And folks, that is exactly what happened!

I got to see Jennifer, Cheray, and Becky all come in right at the finish. As a coach, I could not have been more proud! Nobody walked, everyone kept a consistent pace. I am so proud of these ladies! You CAN be strong AND a runner. Out of a crowd of runners coming in I definitely recognized the bodies of my girls versus the masses. Toned legs, shoulders, arms, and asses. Gotta love that! 

The whole weekend was a success, Vancouver was amazing, and the group celebrated in the best and wine.  Thanks to Leslie and JoEllen for the support staff! They ran around that city trying to catch a glimpse of us at every turn. 

Austin half is next!!! ( Leslie Wingo ) 

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