Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friday Night SWOD-New Braunfels Results

Here are the final results from the SWOD in New Braunfels:

1. Meghan McCracken
2. Diana Salinas
3. Jessica Menhaca
4. Tina Spears
5. Barbie Phillips
6. Mary Alice Vela
7. Kelsi Winnett
8. Maria Gaitan
9. Erika Smith
10. Amber Heitkamp
11. Tricia Ramirez
12. Brittney Vargas
13. Megan Vargas

1. Joey Chapa
2. Aaron Jachade
3. Marlow Mungia
4. Jack Wheeler
5. Daniel Karr
6. Marco H
7. Andrew Talbot
8. Jason W
9. Jacob Vargas
10. John Vincent
11. David Cantu
12. David G
13. Alvino Garcia
14. Mark, like Madonna. No last name needed.
15. Mike V
16. Luis Martinez
17. Thomas H
18. Colin Bates

The most important people were the ones not listed. The people that donated their Friday night to come out and change weights, help keep score, and judge. Thank you guys so much!

Good job to everyone, and we hope to see you out again at the next one!

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