Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is LIFT?

There are several types of fitness programs in Austin. How do you go about picking what is right for you? Here is how the general population picks:

how pretty it is
snack bars
air conditioning
automatic payments

Do all of these things really matter? Maybe. It depends on what you consider priorities. Now, let me throw a wrench in here. 

What if I asked you to pick a program based on your goals, needs, injuries, athletic background,  and personality? WHOA. MIND.BLOWN.

Now that would be harder to find right????  Finding the right COACH is what you should be worried about. A COACH knows your goals, needs, injuries, background, and your personality. The true art of being a coach is knowing who you are coaching. That folks, you cannot put a price on. Nobody out there wants to get more unfit, fatter, and sleep less. Usually- its more fit, less fat, more muscle, better sleep, elevated mood, and look smoking hot butt ass naked. (If someone says no to the last part- they are liars.)

On a daily basis I touch over 100 clients. It has taken years to learn how to talk to all of them. Some enjoy a cheerleader, some want me to yell at them like a drill sgt., and some just want to enjoy the only hour they have away from a house full of children and responsibilities. Whatever they need I already know it. 

LIFT is a women's only strength and conditioning program owned and operated by me. I command and army of women that are all polar opposites. Different jobs, backgrounds, ages, and priorities. They do share one major thing- they all want to be strong, fit as f*&k, and come together daily in a safe environment to do just that. Get stronger, faster, healthier, and be the best versions of themselves. 

If you want to bargain shop, don't contact me. I am not cheap, I will not bring you a towel, provide you with an air conditioner, valet park your car, or talk to you while you are on a treadmill. I WILL however... be your COACH. You will get results, you will reach your goals, and you will enjoy it while it happens.

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