Monday, February 24, 2014

Athlete Profile: Mari Barreda

Mari racing a car

Mari Barreda is a 48 year old bad ass. She's a CPA, a wife, has two boys and a boy scout leader. If I knew where she got all of her energy I would bottle it, sell it, and make millions. Mari has been a huge supporter for me in my personal and professional life. She is one of those women who has unwavering honesty and unbelievable knowledge. Mari brightens the mood in every class she is in, the 9am would not be the same without her!  

Mari and Pedro let me come to their 12 year anniversary dinner.

Mari's Lifts

deadlift - 215
back squat - 185
press - 100
clean - 125
clean and jerk - 125
During get ripped, what could I say? Mari does not need to loose weight, or really body fat. That does not mean that a month of eating clean and changing some habits won't help her along. Not everyone needs to show huge weight loss numbers or inches to have looked "successful". Changing daily habits and feeling better inside is a huge accomplishment...just because you cannot see everything in a picture or on a scale does not mean you have not accomplished anything. Mari really did! Her goals were to tighten up and not be so dependent on bacon to live. Results= 2 inches lost, and a new outlook on breakfast.
Total inches lost=2
"My big change that I have KEPT, is I cut out bacon from my daily egg and veggie scramble. I use about a tsp of coconut oil instead. I'm amazed that I could do this and that I have continued the tradition, and don't miss bacon that much. Not that I don't grab a piece or two when I make it for the kids, but it's not the daily part of my life that it was. Also, I'm trying to keep up the increased water intake. Great challenge, thanks to Jen, Taylor and my awesome partners Leslie, Lisa and Dani!"

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