Thursday, February 27, 2014

Athlete Profile: Vicki Buch

Vicki. She has been with me since almost the beginning of Lean Lifting. I think she has missed class....maybe three times without letting me know. She is always busting her ass to improve. I am pretty sure she enjoys the pain because after something just awful and grueling she asks, "what's next?" and then when I tell her class is over...her response is "ok thank god." 

When we made the big move and opened TCS she didn't bat an eye, just came right over and never missed a beat. The newer ladies look to her for direction and a good laugh. 

Vicki comes into class ready to go and always loves a burner at the end. She knows her max lifts, she logs her workouts, she food logs. Basically a bad ass client to have in your gym. I am lucky to have her, and when I see her name on the attendance roster I am happy and look forward to coaching her. 

Vicki's Lifts:
Deadlift          =     185
Back Squat     =     130
Press              =       65
Clean             =       90
Clean & Jerk  =       85

Vicki was pretty excited for GET RIPPED to start, here are her results:

Total inches lost = 6.7

"The holidays seemed extra tough this year in terms of being surrounded by temptations I couldn't always resist.  When 'Get Ripped' started in January I was so ready and actually looking forward to being accountable for my food choices.   I stopped all sugar and got rid of the dairy that was creeping back into my diet, as well as removing nuts and nut butter.  I think increasing my water intake to 100 oz. a day made a huge difference in my ability to fight off the sugar cravings since I never felt hungry.

Over the course of 4 weeks I lost a total of 6.7 inches!  Best of all I really felt SO MUCH better in terms of energy and motivation and just overall well-being.   I'm still a 'work in progress' so my
awesome food log partner, Jennifer c., and I are continuing to log and be vigilant about eating good food and getting enough water.  

LIFT has been such a positive force in my life - I may not be able to lift the heaviest weights (yet!) or
run the fastest or jump the highest, but each week I feel good that I'm showing up and getting stronger and working hard.  Jen has been a great combination of encouragement and tough love ("put that weight back and get a heavier one!") and the women in class are awesome/bad-ass/strong AND inspiring... it doesn't get better than that!"

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