Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LIFT Athlete Profile: Erin Miller

Right after we opened Travis County Strength I had the pleasure of welcoming Erin to the LIFT program. She has been with me since early December and is a pleasure to watch get stronger and grow as an athlete. She doesn't shy away from heavy weights and has some big goals for lifting this year. It's fun to watch a fearless strong chick not give a crap what's on the bar, and just attempt to lift it! 

Current lifts:
Deadlift 240
Press 85
Back squat 155

She signed up for Get Ripped, unknowing what exactly GET RIPPED was, and had amazing results! Erin lost 7.5 inches in just 4 weeks. This is even with a four day vacation to Puerto Rico during week two. Here is her before and after picture:

I am so proud of this girl! During her vacation she kept up water intake, ate protein and vegetables, and still drank alcohol daily and enjoyed herself. I am so pleased with her results and can't wait to see what she does this year at TCS. Here is what she had to say about her experience with GET RIPPED:

"During the challenge, I kept thinking about how I was going to reward myself at the end with a scone from my favorite place, or ice cream, etc. But when it ended I found that I had no desire to eat any of those things. I can only imagine how awful all that sugar would make me feel.

Also, my boyfriend says he has noticed that not only since Get Ripped but also since starting Lift that there is a huge change in my energy level and attitude. He says on the days I have Lift that I am like a little ball of energy when I get home and upbeat all day. And that I just seem happier in general."

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