Sunday, February 16, 2014

LIFT Athlete Profile: Meghan McCracken

What can I say about this woman??? A lot. She walks in excited to work, pushes other girls in class, and takes every workout seriously. She is not bullshitting around- she's there to work and see progress, like its her job to leave herself on the black mats completely obliterated by the workout. She knows its not the actual workout that makes you tired, its the energy and the work you put into it. Having her in class pushes all the other girls, and makes it more fun!
Meghan listens to her body better than any other client I have. When it's time to take a day off, she does. When it's time to switch things up with her nutrition, she does because she recognizes changes in herself and the way her body operates. I love when she is in class, and quite often miss her when she isn't. Meghan is a pleasure to coach and watching her the last couple years has been amazing.

Side note: she also picked Darwin up from the airport and let him spend the night. That's more than a client, what a friend! 

Deadlift: 250
Press: 90
Back squat: 175
Clean: 160
Power clean: 155
Snatch: 110
Jerk:  140

The following is, in her words, her thoughts after the past couple of years of Crossfit, LIFT, and GET RIPPED.

Left - Before pic, Get Ripped 2013

Right - After pic, Get Ripped 2014

"Not everyone has a lightning-bolt sudden change, and month-to-month pics may be discouraging, but slow steady progress over a year really shows. In both of these pics, I'm the exact same scale weight - 155lb. In the first pic I was eating 1200-1500 calories per day, crossfitting 5x/wk and eating around 75g carbs per day. The second pic is after a year of eating 2300 calories per day, with 200g carbs on training days, and switching training to more LIFT and barbell, almost no Crossfit. I'm not saying Crossfit is bad, just that it took me a year of doing it to realize that it's not what my body likes best."

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