Thursday, August 7, 2014


Babies on Babies!  The last six months the LIFT program has birthed Madeline, Ruben, Iona, Dillon, and soon to be on the way another little one from Sheila. Is there something in the water at TCS? Who knows, but its so great to see these ladies working through pregnancies in the healthiest way possible. 

These ladies didn't miss class and were always happy to be able to workout. Modifying movements came along as soon as they were needed. Every woman is different, some could do pull ups and some couldn't do any "pulls" as soon as they found out they were pregnant. As long as there was no discomfort the workouts went on. Biggest modifications for all of them was no going upside down. Instead I had them do strict barbell or dumbbell presses and push presses. Still keeping that upper body strength without inverting them. Other than that we just tried things out, if it didn't work...we didn't do it. It was simple and easy to give these ladies the workouts they needed to keep up their strength to get ready for the biggest workout of their life!

If you are reading this and are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, keep working out! I am no expert on having babies, but I do know women who are. Birthfit is by far the best resource out there for women who lift weights, crossfit, or do any sort of workout. On the site there are videos, questions answered, and contact information if you want to talk to someone about your own situation. Every birth is different, just be smart and listen to your body. 

These are some of my fav pictures of the all the babies!


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