Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3M Training starting this Saturday!

I am heading up another 3M training group, starting this Saturday. This group is open to all TCS athletes who want to test themselves out with a flat fast course here in Austin. 

I have approached this program with seventeen years of running experience....thrown out the damn window. I started running and racing when I was twelve years old. This continued through high school, college, and then several full marathons as a young adult. I wasted so many years having knee problems and joint issues. Now that I squat, deadlift, and press those are gone. I hold this group every yearly to extremely high standards. Staying home on Fridays and having healthy pre run food, getting up early, and having fun! Ok, so maybe not that high of standards. But, that is really all it takes! 

I have my runners alternate weeks with longer run, and then a 10k for time. I also send out sprint homework every week. That's it, just adding some sprints and ONE run a week. It can be done! 

This is not yo momma's run group. This is a group that wants to use as little time as possible training for a half marathon. At the same time the group will be attending TCS classes and dead-lifting, cleaning, squatting  and staying strong during training. 

Keep up with this blog to watch them along the way to the race in January! 

Contact me at if you are a TCS client and interested in joining! 

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