Friday, September 12, 2014

To run faster, GET STRONGER!

I've heard you attract what and who you are. So, I attract distance runners who need a change. Here came Jennifer Calland. I have been coaching her for around four years now and have seen drastic changes not only in her body but her overall athletic ability. Her self awareness, esteem and overall confidence has improved as well. She pushes other chicks and is a pleasure to have in and out of class. 

She has improved her running by NOT running. WEIRD?!?! She started lifting and making her joints and muscles STRONGER. Going out and pounding the pavement for hours four times a week will do nothing for your strength. Jennifer has learned this and is now a great example of someone who is faster because they are stronger. 

"On the left is when I was running/biking 4x a week, sometimes more. Weekends were often 3 hours or more of training just to get in long miles. I was injured a lot. On the right is running 1x a week (with some short sprints with the dog) and lifting...lots of squats, deadlifts and cleans. 
I am not injured, I am faster, I have more time and I am just happier!!"

Would you like to run half marathons without joint pain? SQUAT. DEADLIFT. PRESS. SPRINT

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