Monday, September 15, 2014

What is Friday Night SWOD?!

After becoming certified Underground Strength Coaches, Travis and I both found a new respect for the gym. It actually COULD be fun. No, I do not find doing hundreds of pull-ups and lightweight thrusters "fun", its just not my personnel preference. I knew I couldn't be the only one....right?? 

I DO find heavy deadlifts, squats, body weight moves, chains, tires, stones, logs, and kegs fun. I like seeing what I can pull around a building, or pick up under a yoke, and also adding some body weight moves with it. Mixing it up. Gymnastics, strength and conditioning, and strongman are our foundations.

The Friday Night SWOD came out of an attempt to put our Strictly Strength and LIFT athletes to the test. We wanted to pack some athletes in the gym, blare the music, and see who could life the heavy shit the fastest. Short, heavy, awkward, and intense. Just like in regular class. 

On October 3rd we are having our next SWOD. There will be three workouts in 2.5 hours. This is a community event, we want you to come and watch even if you are not participating. It's $25 to compete and the winner takes home a portion of everyone's sign up fee. The SWOD is what our programs are based on. Short fast workouts, that are FUN.

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