Thursday, January 29, 2015

3M in the books!

Since September I have trained a group of Travis County Strength athletes to run the 3M half marathon.  Every week they had sprint homework and a long run on the weekends in addition to their regular grunt lifting sessions at TCS. You can train for a half marathon only running twice a week. These guys did it for the second year in a row!

Any human can go out and train for a half marathon. There are several different ways to do it. 

1. just say "f-it" and not train. go run and let your body turn inside out for days after. ( did it last year-would not recommend) 

2. run the old school way- at least 50 miles a week long and slow. GROSS!

3. MY WAY. lift weights, do short sprints, and on the weekend a timed long run where you haul ass and get it done. 

I prefer #3. A way to not put your life on hold while you train for a race. Still seeing your friends, family, eating normally, and not rubbing vaseline on your lady parts because you are running so many miles per week. This is the second year in a row, and I promise you it works. The days of LSD=long slow distance are, and have been, over! Just adding one sprint day, and one longer run day, and these athletes came in smiling! 

Here is some feedback from them so you don't think I am making this up:

"The camaraderie is amazing, and the accountability of having to show up to meet the group each Saturday morning helped me stick with it all those months.  And now a 7 or 8 mi run seems like NBD."

"I shaved 31 seconds off my mile PR, from 8:28 to 7:57 in the course of the program. And I also had only an 18 second differential between my first 6 miles of the half and my latter 7.1. I think that's a testament to the hill work, sprint homework, LIFT 2x a week. I think my legs were just ready for the mileage. It's the smartest, most efficient long run training I've ever done. 3M 2016!"

"I enjoyed the run group. It was fun to have a plan and great company to do the runs. It also did not feel like we were always training ( unlike most groups who run 3-4 times a week). This was the first time I have done a bunch of things:
1. Run over 10 miles. ( and do it more than once)
2. Run in rain.
3. Run in cold temperatures. The last one was at ~34. "

"I would say that the one of the best aspects of this training regimen is that it taught me that less can be far superior to more and drive results.  I have trained with other groups for races and the amount of running that we did (which I just assumed was necessary) always, always, always resulted in injury at some point in the training period.  It was hard for me to believe one distance run plus sprints would put me where I wanted to be for race day, but it absolutely did. This program is great because it allows for recovery, which I have become to think is the most important aspect of running...and one that most runners will not allow themselves.

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