Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Protect Yourself!

You can lift weights, sprint, and be as fit as you want...but do you know how to use your strength to protect yourself? I always wonder...and hopefully never find out. Nothing is scarier to me than a dark parking garage. It's the worst. What would happen if someone came from behind you? From the front? What would you do?

The women of TCS need to learn these skills from a professional. On April 10th at 9am Daniel Jolly will be holding a self defense seminar at Travis County Strength.  <LINK to sign up> 

Daniel will be sharing with us self defense moves he uses himself, this is not a "women's self defense" where we place bricks in purses and learn to "grab twist and pull". This is hands on how to protect yourself and kick ass. 

Here are some statistics from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault:
  • 6.3 million Texans have experienced some form of sexual assault in their lifetime1
  • 2 in 5 women in Texas have been sexually assaulted1
  • 1 in 5 men in Texas has been sexually assaulted1
  • 91% of sexual assault victims did not report to law enforcement1
  • Studies confirm the undetected rapist is a serial hunter and serial offender – not the misunderstood drunk guy3
  • Over 94% of rapists roam free with only 3% ever spending a day in jail4

Come and learn how to protect yourself! 
<LINK to sign up>
(open to any women in Austin)

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