Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Accessory Work

I've added an eight minute accessory work routine to the LIFT chicks daily workout. There is a list of five  different three round movements to complete on the board and they can pick whichever one they want daily. Each group targets different body parts. My goal is to increase posterior chain strength, skill, core control, grip and pressing strength. The strongman workouts we do in the gym, along with the compound lifts, will benefit from this accessory work.

First, what are accessory lifts? They are the lifts that build the smaller muscles to improve the bigger ones. Or they could be breaking down a gymnastic move into small parts, and focusing on one of those parts for reps. For example: wall walks with twelve shoulder taps at the top to make handstand walking better,  hip extensions on the GHD or RDL's  to increase posterior chain strength to help the deadlift and back squat, dumbbell work to work on strength imbalances and increase grip...the list goes on!

As you can see below every body part is hit. This goes for all the big lifts in the gym;  press, jerk, squat and box squat. These big lifts will all benefit from accessory work. Here is the June list:

The July list will be a harder version of the same as everyone adapts and gets stronger. Pretty soon the LIFT chicks will be putting these big movements to test and see if the accessory work is working!

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