Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Athlete Highlight- Jen Jones

Not only does she have a great name and a cute baby, she's awesome!

Let's rewind....

Around a year ago she came tip toeing in like a quiet little ballerina to TCS. She came to LIFT class....probably to avoid her boyfriend that comes to Travis's classes, to be expected. She said one thing " I don't workout." I am sure my face was priceless. 

 Our warm-ups in LIFT are different everyday. Some days they seem more like the main workout, sometimes the are short and powerful. I don't remember what is was on this day...but it crushed her. 

 I gave her lighter weights, shortened her reps, but it didn't matter. She was going to rip that kettle bell fast and furious like it was her child's only chance at survival from a burning building. I immediately loved her and then following that a huge impulse to stop her from ripping her back in pieces. I knew now she had the drive, I just had to coach and teach her how to use that with good proper form.

After all the vomiting stopped, we talked. And you couldn't help but just love this chick! 

A year later she is definitely not tip toeing anywhere at the gym. Usually you can hear her dropping a kettle bell accidentally or slamming a barbell into something metal, and then we all turn around like "JONES!" Yes, we know its her.

She is constantly working on form, improving her mobility, and becoming a smarter and faster athlete. This week we have been doing workouts and movements that one year ago would have been hard to even imagine. Yesterday she did the splits in the gym, not knowing how much her mobility has improved.

Jen shows up 20 minutes before class to mobilize and prepare her body. She is committed to staying healthy, loud, clumsy, honest, loving, trusting and so damn hilarious. The 9am would NOT be the same without her.

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