Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Basics Success

Fall Basics is over, and the results are in. This was a highly successful three weeks. I am pretty sure that nobody was eating enough protein before they started. The first couple of days were eye opening about how much they thought they were eating. After logging onto MFP they realized nope, that is not enough at all. There was some grumbling.....but it passed :)

After the first week everyone got the hang of it. Lots of protein, carbs, vegetables, fat. Basically making sure you were eating between three and five good meals a day. That sounds simple, but if it was that simple nobody would be signing up for these needing help. Simple concept, difficult execution. 

Everyone lost a minimum of 1.5 21 days. When you put the time on that loss it is pretty impressive. Highest loses were 3.5 inches and 15 pounds. Meghan is pictured below, she lost ten pounds! 

I am very happy with how Fall Basics went, and will be doing it again next year. Our yearly nutrition program will be starting January 2nd this year and it similar to Basics in theory but lasts longer. If you are interested in participating check our website at for the sign ups in December. 

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