Here is what LIFT has done for some current clients:

  • Stronger, better technique,more confidence in lifts,more confident to try WOD's RX,tighter ass :) 
  • In each class it becomes more apparent that it's fear that holds me back the most - from going heavier on a lift, to being able to drop a heavy bar (ok, that's a bit of a weird one). But that's also the best thing about the classes too -- in every single one, I have met and overcome a fear thanks to you and I walk out of there feeling like a bit of a badass!
  • Now I am doing lifts at a weight that when I step back and think about how much is on the bar...I am shocked and giddy all at the same time. In class we recently did SDL and I was lifting 165! Then even more recently we were doing power cleans and I was cleaning 100 pounds and then front squatting it! Far cry from a 45 lb barbell that used to make me fall over.
  • I have now been in the CrossFit Women’s class for nine months and the Lean Lifting class for five months. The combination of both these classes have helped me increase my bone density, make me stronger, more muscular, healthier, and happier! I love every workout because they all are different and each one challenges my body in many different ways. I’m never bored but very excited to make it through each class

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